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We are rated 5 stars on Google – Read what more than 500 families have to say about their experience!




MAÏA Institute delivers an utmost impressive sensory experience for the whole family to enjoy. Our environment will calmly and peacefully have you dive in your baby’s world, all the while making sure to fill you with wonder and joy. As soon as you step inside MAÏA Institute, our life-infused atmosphere will permeate you. We are committed in delivering to families a memorable sensory experience stimulating all five senses…



Have your eyes marvel at our warm and comforting spa-like decor. In an attempt to stay away from the whole medical atmosphere, we paired with Daniel Corbin, a renowned Quebec designer, in putting forward natural elements such as fire, wood, stone, water and plants.


Your sense of smell will be stimulated by our subtle olfactory ambiance. The soothing eucalyptus fragrance will have you drop into a state of absolute calm.


Let your tasting buds be awakened by our delicious MAÏA signature chocolate chip cookies. After your ultrasound visit, MAÏA treats you to two of our warm, freshly baked cookies, sweetening your way back home.


Even though your ears will undoubtedly take in our relaxing atmosphere, it is really your tiny human’s sounds we are trying to amplify. To lengthen this connection and listen to life’s rhythm even longer, we offer you the possibility to tuck your baby’s tiny heartbeat in one of our stuffed animals.


Your sense of touch will be activated in the ultrasound room, where Mommy will lie over a cozy blanket while her family can lounge in our utmost comfortable chairs.



  • The latest technology of 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasounds on the market
  • A twenty-minute session
  • Listening to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Baby’s gender reveal upon request (sixteen weeks and up)
  • All pictures and full video on a complimentary USB key
  • Four photo prints of your choice
  • A live broadcast : if your family cannot attend the ultrasound session, they will be able to watch it live through a web platform no matter where they are in the world
  • And, above all, a huge dose of love and happiness !



We might not be able to come up with clear images of the baby during the session because of the way he or she is placed. We are aware of how important seeing your child is to you, and will thus offer you a second ultrasound at no additional cost, or a price reduction (depending on the situation).



  • A two-storey home theatre kind of room in which to comfortably welcome the entire family for a total of up to ten people, including the parents-to-be
  • The latest technology of ultrasound
  • A warm towel infused with essential oils for Mommy’s belly after the ultrasound
  • Warm gel
  • An adjustable electric chair to ensure Mommy’s comfort during the ultrasound
  • An utmost comfortable chair for Daddy
  • Two warm, decadent, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to thank the parents-to-be
  • A small thank you plant which you can handpick from our plant bar to grow alongside your baby
  • A list of what to bring to the birth conceived and designed by our team
  • A specialized on-site boutique
  • Should the specialist consider the pictures of your baby not to be optimal, we are happy to offer a complimentary second appointment free of charge, or a price reduction (depending on the situation)
  • The ultrasound can be done in French, English and even Spanish !



In order to see your baby move from head to toe within one single frame, aim for a visit between the 12 and 20 week, when baby is still small. However, do not expect to see in detail his face.

Starting from the 16 week, gender reveal is available upon request.

To discover your baby’s face in its finest details, aim for a visit between the 30 and 34 week of pregnancy.


THIS ULTRASOUND IS NOT A MEDICAL ONE. It is in no way intended to replace the ultrasound your doctor provides. No measurement will be taken neither diagnosis be made.




If, just like us, you would like to keep track of your little loved one’s growth, go ahead and enjoy a discount on your second visit. You will then be able to see how fast this little being is growing inside of you. Wonder guaranteed ! Following your baby’s evolution in such a way will definitely strengthen your connection all throughout pregnancy.

First visit : $ 225 + taxes

Second visit : enjoy a 15 % discount ($ 191,25 + taxes)

Third and subsequent visits : enjoy a 20 % discount on the experience ($180 + taxes)


Nous avions rendez-vous à l'Institut Maïa pour qu'enfin mon amour puisse vivre le bonheur de l'échographie avec moi. C'était un sentiment indescriptible de tenir la main de Charles et voir notre petite création bougée dans tout les sens. Nous sommes tellement reconnaissants envers l'institut Maïa! Un endroit chaleureux digne d'un vrai spa où on se sent VIP. Le personnel, l'endroit, le service tout est simplement incroyable!! Ils offrent aussi le service que nos familles puissent écouter l'échographie en direct de leur salon❤️Être enceinte en temps de covid c'est pas toujours facile, tu dois te défaire de l'image de la grossesse que tu avais dont rêvée.. Tu dois t'accrocher aux petits moments positifs et une expérience comme ils offrent ça vient mettre un gros baume sur le coeur. Ensuite ils nous ont offert un toutou contenant le bruit du coeur de notre petit pou que mes parents avaient acheter en cachette avec l'Institut. Quelle belle journée ❤️

- Marie-Pier Arseneau

C’étais une expérience vraiment exceptionnelle! J’ai adoré y accompagner ma femme. Dès notre arrivée nous nous sommes senti important auprès du personnels chaleureux, moment d’attentes avant l’échographie accompagné d’un bon café. Ensuite la salle d’échographie 😍 Une petite salle de cinéma qui porte son attention sur le confort des invités et des parents, un 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
Nous avons eu droit à un services de roi de notre entrée à la sortie de l’institut, je n’avais encore jamais eu ce genre de service dans aucun endroit ailleurs, ses hors du commun et je conseille à toute les familles ou couple qui attendent une perle😊 je leur donnerai 10⭐️ si sa serait possible!
Merci Institut Maia!

- Antoine Prince

Que dire de cette merveilleuse équipe. Nous avons été accueillis très chaleureusement. Nous avons été super impressionnés par la grande salle pour l’échographie... Très spacieux et confortable. Nous avons été traité comme des rois. Je vous recommande Institut Maïa.

- Maryline Tétreault

Un énorme merci 😊 Malgré que bébé était couché confortablement dans mon placenta nous avons eu la chance de la/le voir 🙂 Vous êtes une équipe géniale qui prend à cœur les désires des parents. Capable de nous faire des belles photos toute en gardant le secret du sexe 😉 Papa vous dit merci. Grace à vous il a plus voir son bébé malgré le covid.

- Katherine Hamel-Tremblay

Merci pour la belle expérience! Nous avons été accueillis de manière chaleureuse et unique! Le service est hors pair. La salle d'échographie est génial et le personnel est à l'écoute de nos questions et de nos besoins. Toutes les petites attentions mises en place font de cette échographie une expérience inoubliable!
Merci encore 💙

- Catherine Brisebois
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