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The Space

The Space


Our environment will propel you into your baby’s world! It is peaceful and calm, but it will also bring you powerful emotions, wonder and joy.

As soon as you enter Institut Maïa, you will be intoxicated by an atmosphere filled with life. We promise families a memorable sensory experience that will stimulate the 5 senses:

la vue
le goût
le toucher


Your vision and that of your loved ones will marvel at the images of your baby projected by the latest technology in 3D and 4D. You will also be able to admire the warm and comforting decor that feels like the ambiance of a spa. In order not to reproduce a medical atmosphere, we collaborated with renowned Quebec designer, Daniel Corbin, and focused on raw materials such as wood, stone, water and plants.

La Vue[

The smell

Your sense of smell will be stimulated by a subtle olfactory atmosphere. The reassuring and soothing scent is tinged with notes of lemon zest, tangerine and orange and a touch of lily, green leaves and patchouli.



Taste will be awakened with our beverage options such as orange juice, Nespresso coffee, tea, hot chocolate or simply water. To continue with seasonal berries or a touch of sweetness. We believe this is a great option to get the fetus moving before your session and capture beautiful images.

Le goût


Hearing will be sensitive to our relaxing atmosphere, but especially to the sounds emitted by your little being. And to prolong this connection with your child and enjoy the rhythm of life, we offer you the opportunity to keep your little one’s heartbeat with one of our stuffed toys.


The touch

The sense of touch will first be sparked by our comfortable and, above all, beautiful slippers. Furthermore, our materials are chosen with a great concern for your comfort. Not to mention the ultrasound room, where the mother will lie on a cozy blanket while her family can relax on comfortable chairs. For your little ones, we have also installed.

Le touché
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