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Is it a medical ultrasound?

3D/4D ultrasound at Maïa Institute is a so-called emotional ultrasound performed by our technicians trained for this purpose. We require that our mothers be followed during their pregnancy and have a medical ultrasound.
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Do I have to make an appointment?

In order to better serve you, you must make an appointment to ensure a time slot that suits your needs.
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How to make an appointment?

Making an appointment with us is simple! Available now on our website.
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How long does the experience last?

We take the time to make beautiful memories and beautiful pictures. The ultrasound lasts 30 minutes. However, plan an hour to enjoy the Maïa experience to the fullest.
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What happens if the baby is not properly positioned?

It may happen that, during the session, we can’t get a good profile of the baby because of its positioning. We know that this is important to you. We will offer you a second session free of charge.
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Can I be accompanied?

The ultrasound room is designed to accommodate up to 10 people comfortably. Due to the actual situation (covid-19), we are allowing up to 6 people maximum (including future parents), with a maximum of 3 different addresses.

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Are your services covered by insurance?

Since the ultrasound is not medical, it is not covered by insurance. 
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What are the costs?

We invite you to click here to visit the page PACKAGES and find out what is included in the cost of an ultrasound.
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What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept  Maïa Institute gift cards, VISA, MASTERCARD and Interac ($100 maximum for Interac).
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Are there any risks associated with 3D/4D ultrasound?

No. There is no danger for the mother or the baby. Ultrasound is performed in the same way as a medical ultrasound.
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Can I know my baby’s gender?

If the position of your baby allows, our technicians can confirm the gender.
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Do I need a prescription?

No, since this ultrasound is non-medical.
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Who performs the ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are performed by our entertainment ultrasound specialist.
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What is the best time to perform a 3D / 4D ultrasound?

We estimate that the best time to have your ultrasound is between the 26 th week and the 30 nd week.

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What’s the best way to reach you quickly?

We are very active on social networks! We remain available at all times, 7 days a week, via Facebook and Instagram. It will be our pleasure to answer you quickly. You can also reach us by phone during our opening hours at 450-424-4848, or write us an email at info@institutmaia.ca
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How far in advance do I have to book?

If you want a weekend, it is best to do it in advance because Saturdays and Sundays can be booked quickly!

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What is your cancellation policy?

We ask you to reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your appointment.

If you do not show up for your appointment without the 24 hour notice and you want a new appointment. This will be charged to you when you make your new appointment.
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What factors influence the quality of 3D-4D images?

There are several factors that unfortunately cannot be controlled, either by you or our ultrasound specialist. To help you better understand why ultrasounds differ from mom to mom, here are the 5 biggest factors! 1. The morphology of the mother. 2. The baby's position in the tummy. 3. Hand, feet and cord in front of the face. 4. The position of the placenta. 5. The amount of amniotic fluid.
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Can my children come with us?

Being a family business, we give an important place to the family. Be aware, however, that a toddler will likely have difficulty staying calm and seated for the duration of your ultrasound. If you wish to be accompanied by your children, we ask that there be a responsible person throughout the experience. In order to take advantage of the moment and in order to fully experience the meeting with your baby, we suggest that you come without the presence of small children.
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I am pregnant with twins. Can I come?

Yes of course! We made several moms who were expecting twins. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 30 weeks, as babies take up a lot of space. Getting optimal photos of both babies after the 30 weeks might be more difficult.
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If I book two packages, do I have a discount?

Yes! To thank you for coming to visit us twice, we are offering you a discount.  
  • Book for the Peek-a-Boo and Mini Maïa packages: Get $ 15 off the Mini Maïa package
  • Book for the Mini Maïa and Maïa packages: Get $ 25 off the Maïa package
  • Book the Maïa package twice: Get $ 25 off your second visit
The discount is automatically applied during payment, in the clinic.
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Why book more than one package?

Some parents love to watch their little baby's progress during pregnancy! That's why they make more than one appointment. In the Peek-a-Boo package (between 12 and 16 weeks), we see the baby moving in full. It is very impressive considering its size. For some mothers, it's very reassuring. In the Mini Maïa package (between 17 and 22 weeks), you can see her entire body and you start to discover his face, without revealing all the details ... In the Maïa package (between 23 and 37 weeks), we see the detailed features of his face. You might see your baby yawn, smile, suck his thumb… It's a most magical moment! We undoubtedly strengthen the bond of attachment with the baby before birth!
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Can an ultrasound with you replace an ultrasound with my doctor?

No, since our ultrasounds are not medical. No measurement and no diagnosis will be made. It is important that you stick to your pregnancy ultrasounds with your doctor.
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What happens if the images are not optimal?

We know that every couple wants to see their baby with the most beautiful images possible. Us too ! If the ultrasound specialist agrees that the images are not optimal, he will offer you a second appointment free of charge. Please note that our team will be able to make the best decision in evaluating the quality of the images obtained. Let's not forget that each mom is unique. Each ultrasound is unique. Several factors can cause the images to not be optimal: Morphology of the mother, position of the baby, position of the placenta, amount of amniotic fluid, arms, feet or cord in the face ... But we have developed tactics to try to get your baby to move!
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Do you have any other questions?

We invite you to contact us by email, Facebook Messenger or by phone.

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